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Rt Hon Kadaga is a reckoned force at the helm of the 11th Parliament

Well, allow me take this opportunity to congratulate H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for having successfully been sworn in as the President of Uganda 2021-2026, I liked your Pan Africanism inaugural speech. And I hope this time around you appoint ministers who have the Pan Afrikanism mind, your cabinet should be able to think globally and act locally especially in fighting poverty among our people, reducing on unemployment, improved health care, education and streamlined service delivery to the Citizens of Uganda.

All these will and can be achieved with Rt Hon Rebecca Alintwala Kadaga at the helm of the 11th Parliament, being the royal cadre she has been and a steward to the people of Uganda who has been groomed straight from the days of NRA to NRM. She is still a force NRM and Uganda needs to move to greater heights.

This Woman Kadaga, is really an outstanding performer given the fact that she has achieved more for the Country and the legislative arm of Government than any other speaker of Parliament.

With Kadaga at the helm of Parliament, Private members bills have increased and this has built more confidence in the Members of Parliament, as well enhanced the visibility of Parliament than ever before.

Equally, the legislative record has been improved with over 20 bills worked on and few being shelved!

These are some of the few outstanding records Parliament has achieved and a lot more will be reached at in the 11th Parliament, Ugandans trust in her to deliver and therefore many voices including mine, we call upon all members of Parliament to vote Rt Hon Kadaga for speaker of the 11th Parliament.

And we hope the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of NRM does Ugandans a great deal and allow issues for Speakership be handled in Parliament by Members of the 11th Parliament.

Like how we believe and trust in the leadership of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the helm of this Country, it is in the same spirit that we believe and trust in the leadership of Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga at the helm of the legislative arm of Government, the 11th Parliament.

Kadaga is a performer, this new Kisanja needs performers so as to secure the future of Uganda.

For God and My Country-Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull
0705 211273

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