Eid: Muslims demand for positions in new Museveni cabinet

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The head of the Tabliq sect Amir Uma Muhamed Yunus Kamoga has asked President Yoweri Museveni to consider appointing Muslims to his new cabinet.

Kamoga says that Muslims should be considered for appointment in key positions of responsibility because the Muslim community has several issues that have not been attended to and require political intervention.

Kamoga in his message to the Muslims during the Idi -EliFitri prayers held at Nakivubo Blue Primary school, also asked the government to reopen the mosque at William Street known as Masjid Noor that was closed due to wrangles. 

He also expressed concern about the continued killings and persecution of Muslims across the globe under the guise of fighting terror. Kamoga asked Muslims to pray for their religion that is going through hard times.

Sheikh Ayub Nyende the Secretary-General of the Tabliq Muslim Sect asked Muslims to remain strong and focused on the issues that unite them as Muslims.

Yahaya Mwanje, who led the Khutbah, condemned practices of corruption and bad dressing codes among both the men and women in the Muslim community. 

In Arua, Muslims have been urged to embrace unity and development if they are to live the truth of Islam.

While preaching to thousands of Moslems gathered for Idd prayers at Arua primary school grounds, Sheik Mahad Mahmoud Rehan the Regional Khadi West Nile urged the Moslems to desist from being selfish minded but work for development and avoid enmity.

Sheik Abu Jaffer the district Khadi Arua Moslem district commended the government for protecting and returning Moslem property at Muktar and Rishad Mosques in the centre of Arua town. According to Sheik Abu Jaffer, some unscrupulous people had wanted to disorganize the Moslems in Arua by attempting to grab their prime land at the two Mosques. 

Hajj Isa Kato the Mayor of Arua City called on the Moslems to embrace and prioritize education in their families if they are to secure jobs from the government. Kato also tasked the Moslems to create avenues for revenue mobilization to develop Moslem facilities in the City and the region.

Some of the Muslims who turned up for the prayers ignored the covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs. There was no social distancing, few were seen wearing masks.  

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