Revitalization of NRM structures begins with the May, 12th swearing-in ceremony “, NRM Secretary General vows

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By Gerald

Revitalization of NRM structures begins with the May, 12th swearing-in ceremony “, The NRM Secretary General vows.

On 5th May a story came up in an online blog alleging a clash between what was called “essential ministers” which pitted Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba on one side and Hon Ruth Aceng, Hon Esther Mbayo, and Hon Sam Kutesa on the other purportedly concerning delegates to the swearing-in of President Museveni slated for 12 May 2021.

In the story, It’s stated that Justine Lumumba wanted the inauguration to be conducted online with scientific guidance because she felt we must take COVID-19 seriously and this is in line with what president Museveni said recently ( Note: Rt hon Justine Kasule Lumumba is one of the Covid-19 survivors), on the other hand, the Minister for Health despite being a Medical Doctor simply attacked Lumumba on the fact that she recently organized a retreat in Kyankwanzi and now is against the swearing-in ceremony of 4000 people.

This appears ridiculous and a shame from the minister of Health since in Kyankwanzi the MPS were barely 400 and not 4000 as will be at the swearing-in.

Hon Mbayo was up in arms because she said it’s her docket taking it personal. It’s important to note the COVID-19 issue is global and fighting COVID -19 is a collective responsibility.

It’s reported that Justine Kasule Lumumba actually wanted the NRM party to dominate the numbers of invites and this was accepted by the President Elect because he acknowledges the effort of party leaders and members who campaigned for the party to win. Lumumba did all this because she believes it’s time to revitalize the NRM structures.

The organizing committee adopted her idea and out of the 17 guests invited from each District 14 of these are from the NRM District leadership, the others being the RDC, chief administrative officer (Cao) and LC V Elect.
In the end, actually, Lumumba fought for the NRM Structures that the rest of the organizing committee had disregarded.

It’s important that the government works in harmony and leaders desist from clashing. The jostling for positions and undermining others needs to be addressed because this is what is weakening NRM, one wonders why these people leak what transpired in a meeting of “essential ministers” simply because they want to embarrass the Secretary-General yet when you critically analyze the story it may leave the other party embarrassed.

This reaffirms the belief that Uganda still needs President Museveni because the way he handled left everybody appears to have won but in the end, it’s the NRM party that won.

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