Invest in rural communities infrastructure to secure their future – Emmanuel Mwesige

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The Government and other key stakeholders in the agricultural sector should help rural communities to capitalize on the economic benefits of sustainable agriculture by giving priority in rural business development and marketing programs to investments in enterprises associated with the products of sustainable agriculture. In addition, invest in rural communities’ infrastructure.

The economic viability of many rural areas and that of farms and ranches are closely tied.

Main street businesses in rural communities depend on the spending power of nearby farms and ranches. In turn, these operations often depend on the services of local agricultural-input suppliers and local agricultural processing, distribution, and marketing enterprises. Therefore, investments that support enterprises associated with the products of sustainable agricultural systems will help farms and ranches as well as rural communities to capitalize on the economic benefits of these systems.

Investments that directly support sustainable agriculture are not, by themselves, sufficient to curtail the exodus of residents from rural communities. To be healthy, rural communities must have at their base a solid infrastructure to support economic development. Therefore, government and local agencies’ rural business development programs and marketing programs should make investments in infrastructure that will help revitalize many rural communities-for examples, investments in upgrades of bridges and roads and in the modernization of medical, communication, and capital-lending systems.

As a result of increased investment in rural communities’ infrastructure, the following can be achieved:

The number of rural-based, value-added businesses that utilize the products of sustainable agricultural practices increases; fewer unsafe bridges and roadways are found in rural areas; local tax revenues and per capita incomes increase in rural areas, and unemployment rates decline in rural areas.

It is against the aforementioned that am calling upon the government and other stakeholders to increase the level of investment in rural communities’ infrastructure in order to secure the future of the rural areas.

Emmanuel Mwesige – Agriculturalist, Accounting specialist, Researcher and Author.

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