Butaleja floods kill four people, displace hundreds

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At least four people are feared dead and several others displaced after floods hit Butaleja district.

The heavy downpour that pounded the district on Thursday causing floods that ravaged Nabiganda sub-county in Butaleja district. 

The floods also cut off the road from Butaleja to Mbale. According to locals the deceased who is yet to be identified as a businessman from Manafwa was trying to cross with his bicycle carrying goods.

After a long search, the locals managed to recover the deceased’s bicycle from the water but his body is still missing.     

One of the residents only identified herself as Zayituna said that she and her sister and mother were woken up the sound of fast-flowing water.  

The LCV Chairperson Elect Butaleja Michael Higeni says that 10,000 people have been affected in the sub-counties of Hamutu, Nabiganda town council. 

He said appealed to the government to intervene and provide food and beddings for the affected people. 

Landslides have also displaced dozens of residents of Buwambwa Sub County in Namisindwa district.   The landslides caused by the heavy downpour on Thursday affected residents in the village of Bumoyayo parish in Buwambwa Sub County.

Moses Buyela, the Chairperson LC3 of Buwambwa sub-county says that the landslides also washed away Buwambwa Bridge connecting Bubutu-Buwambwa to Magale bringing transport to a standstill.  

Sam Mukhekhe, who lost his cows, his house and crops worth millions of cash says he is helpless and has nothing to eat.  

John Mutama, a businessman dealing in agro-inputs at Bubutu town council says they are now in trouble for spending a lot of cash on transport since it has been hiked from 2,000 Shillings to 7,000 Shillings from Bubutu to Magale.   

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