Don’t pay a bribe to get an express certificate of good conduct – interpol director

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The Senior Commissioner of Police, Charles Birungi, who is the also the Acting Interpol director has warned the public not to pay bribes inorder to get the express Certificate of Good Conduct.

There have been allegations that people are being charged lots of money in order to get the express Certificate of Good Conduct from Interpol.

A number of people have expressed their dissatisfaction over bribes allegedly being asked by officers at Uganda National Central Bureau also commonly known as Interpol – Uganda at Mabua road in Kololo.

One John Male, was found walking along Mabua road claiming he had been asked to pay 200,000 shillings in order to get an express Certificate of Good conduct. Male told Uganda Radio Network (URN) that he had applied for an online job advertised by an international organisation and needed a quick certificate of Good Conduct.

Male claimed he passed the first phase of interview but was asked to send a scanned copy of a Certificate of Good conduct in 24 hours in order to qualify for final stage of interview. “I never thought that I would be asked to present a Certificate of Good conduct. I had acquired one in 2014 but it expired after six months and its now useless. I need an express one but one of these guys has asked me to pay 200,000 shillings,” said a disappointed Male.

Similarly, Aisha Nakitto, was found walking out of Interpol offices holding her Certificate of Good conduct. Nakitto said she had been told she would get it after five to seven days. But she had been called to pick after three days. She believed it was because of 50,000 shillings she had paid to an officer at Interpol.

“I was told that it would come out after five or seven days but I was called to pick it today and it’s the third day. I think the man I gave 50,000 shillings pushed it to come out faster. I am happy I have got it today,” said Nakitto.

But the Acting Interpol director, Birungi has said they have come up with measures to tackle this matter and also minimize the bribe allegations. Although Birungi says they have not received any official complaint about bribes, he says the talk of bribes has been on for years.

In a bid to reduce avenues of bribery, Interpol has resorted to registering all the first 100 individuals seeking Certificates of Good conduct who they attend to up to lunch time. From afternoon hours up to 6pm, Birungi says they attend to labour export companies which write make prior booking for people they are taking abroad for employment.

“I think the issue of people taking some bribes, I may not completely rule it out. It may be there. But it has not come to my attention where someone has complained formerly. What we did is to ensure that every morning we register those who have come. We try to fight it as much as we can,” says Birungi.

Birungi also explains that getting an express Certificate of Good conduct does not require anyone to pay extra amount. The standard fee of 76,000 shillings which is payable to the Bank is all one needs to be able to get an express Certificate of Good conduct.

Ordinarily, getting a Certificate of Good conduct takes five to seven days. The first four days are for cross checking with local and International Interpol records, CID and DPP purposely to establish whether the person is not on wanted list.

Birungi explains that one may get an express Certificate if he or she is going for treatment abroad and delaying the person could further affect their health condition. In other instances, express Certificates are given to people who may have secured jobs which require such documents especially international organisations.

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