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Donald Trump spent the named “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” slamming his Republican congressional critics and large social media companies.Hillary Clinton called for government intervention to hinder the spread of disinformation on social media.

Russia scrambled a  fighter jet over the Chukchi Sea, which borders Alaska, to escort a U.S. military plane as tensions continue to grow between Washington, DC and Moscow over tit-for-tat aircraft maneuvers.

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Israel could be defeatedcould with just one decisive blow should a conflict break out between the two top foes. Mohammed Deif, the hidden leader of Hamas, issued a “final warning”that Israel will pay a “heavy price” if it moves to evict Palestinians from their East Jerusalem homes.

China announced an indefinite suspension of the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue, a trade talk mechanism with Australia, in the latest sign of souring diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Social media videos appear to show Colombian Police officers using violence against protesters who are demonstrating against President Iván Duque Márquez’s government, police brutality, and growing economic inequality.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra for his government’s COVID-19 policies. A top scientific adviser said India should brace for an “inevitable” third waive inevitable” as the director of health for World Vision India said waiting tolists for hospital beds are now 75 people long. Thousands of devotees violated Covid-19 restrictions to pray for the pandemic’s end in Gujarat. In a move condemned by many, India’s biggest state unveiled a special helpline for cattle.

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