Video: This election thief, despot is so desperate, Kyagulanyi tells Museveni

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This election thief, despot is so desperate, Bobi Wine tells Museveni. Whisper Eye News.

Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine has again lashed out to president Museveni over claims that he met NUP leaders.

Bobi Wine took to his 2 Million followers to launch yet a verbal attack to president Museveni, following a tweet from Museveni that says, Meeting a section of coordinators and members for the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) at State House Entebbe. I appreciate their views on the different failures of the NRM, and my assurance is that we shall work together to address such.

Bobi Wine to Museveni

Bobi states,

This election thief and despot is so desperate to cleanse himself. He fails to realise how late it is for him. For the past many years, he has always paraded random individuals who he claims have crossed from the opposition to his sinking ship. In the last elections, they went as far as getting soldiers and dressing them in NUP T-shirts so that they say our people were crossing over. At times they will get one sell-out for the optics and parade him or her with other random people.

It is very important for all of us to understand how dictators operate. Like I said in my address yesterday, Museveni right now is under pressure with criminal charges potentially hanging over his head at the ICC. He is being isolated by the international community. He is preparing to swear himself in illegally next week and of course he is too ashamed. He now has to pull off some of these desperate theatrics to portray himself in better light before the very citizens he has butchered in cold blood, kidnapped and subjected to all manner of torture and humiliation. He is too embarrassed that the people of Entebbe where he lives illegally rejected him flat in the election and no amount of rigging there could save him.

My message to him: None of this can work. We are awake and watching. We the people must remain focused on the goal.

President Museveni is set to swear in as the elected president of Uganda 2021 -2026 after being declared the winner.

Many countries including USA has declined to consulted president Museveni which has created an impression and feeling from the population may be Museveni didn’t win.

Yoweri Museveni NRM party was defeated in all parts of Buganda which a fully dominated areas of NUP supporters.

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