Gross Implications awaits NRM Government if Rt Hon Kadaga does not come back as a Speaker of Parliament

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Well as the entire country is preparing for the swearing in of the new head of State H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, his Cabinet Ministers and others.
Equally Ugandans are also eagerly waiting to see who the new Speaker of Parliament will be for 2021-2026 term of service.
Information with in streets indicate that this week and the whole of the coming weeks until late may will be filled with political talks, news, pomp and glamour.

It is being said that the National Resistance Movement (NRM’s) highest decision making organ Central Executive Committee (CEC) is also sitting with in this week to decide on who will carry the flag for Speakership and Deputy speakership.

This decision will not be as easy as people may assume especially now that the race is between Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga and her Deputy Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya, CEC may either refer this decision to caucus or even to Parliament for MPs to decide on who becomes the speaker of the 11th Parliament.

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga has higher chances of coming back depending on how CEC handles this decision.

Kadaga is still seen appealing not only to the Women in Parliament but also the Women and the young girls in Busoga Sub region, they are proud of their own and see her as not only an inspiration but an icon who has greatly inspired women emancipation.

Her influence on Busoga cultural, social and politics is something to reckon with, she managed to deal with the People Power wave in the just concluded elections even if NRM did not perform as expected in the recent January elections, she was on top of the game given the fact that Buganda influences Busoga a lot, this time around she played her well mastered political cards and if it was not because of her, NRM would have miserably lost the entire Busoga.

People power wave managed to penetrate a few Districts of Busoga region only when they reached Mbale City and camped base, the reason most of the districts where NRM lost were by far from Mbale City influence.

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga happens to be the King Maker in the Busoga politics therefore she has or will regain Busoga back to NRM if she keeps a Speaker of Parliament or became a Prime Minister, with her influence in that region, NRM Government can or should not afford to keep her as just a Woman Member of Parliament if at all NRM still wants to have control over her region. She remains a force to ally with even come 2026 electioneering period than any other political leader from that region.

A few weeks ago I was in Busoga on a fact finding mission and found out that Rt Hon Kadaga is by far the biggest brand the Basoga are so confident in and most proud of, she has kept the Basoga flag so high, meaning loosing this brand makes NRM loose the entire region completely.

These are facts that most Political analysts and media commentators do not want to talk about but truth is, this Woman is by far the biggest brand NRM family should keep closer to power serving her people and Uganda at large.

We can not even afford to loose some one of her caliber, who is by far the first from Uganda to be President for Inter- Parliamentary Assembly the biggest body that brings together speakers and MPs from all over the world meaning she promotes Uganda world wide beyond Busoga region and if I were CEC or Caucus, I would still throw my weight behind this Woman Kadaga for one more time even though she has some few controversial here and there but the good deeds are far far beyond the dents. Besides she is a human being like any other human and therefore errors are expected so long as they do not exceed the good deeds.

We await for CEC’s position on who the next Speaker of Parliament should or will be, otherwise I would like to call upon our members of Parliament to do the needful and vote material, Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga for Speaker of Parliament 2021-2026.

AKAMPA Tanbull
0705 211273

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