​EALA MP Kasamba Laid To Rest, Praised For Fighting Food Insecurity

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The National Resistance Movement Director for Mobilisation and Carder Identification, Mathias Kasamba was on Friday laid to his final rest at Katovu village, in Kakuuto county-Kyotera district.    

Kasamba, also an  East African Legislative Assembly MP, passed on at Nakasero hospital on Tuesday after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.   

He was praised for fighting food insecurity and poverty through banana and coffee projects in Kyotera district and the county at large.  A requiem service led by the Bishop of Masaka Diocese Severus Jjumba attracted hundreds of people including different religious leaders, government officials, and opposition politicians and residents.

Jjumba prayed to God to reward Kasamba for the services for the country.  

While delivering President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s condolence message, the Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya, who was the chief mourner, appealed to all leaders to emulate Kasamba and take forward his legacy for the good of the country. He further praised him for genuinely mobilizing communities regardless of people’s religion, tribe, and political affiliation. He says that Kasamba did not only mobilise communities for political reasons but empowered people for social and economic transformation without discriminating against anyone.  

He adds that promoting people’s welfare is important since people who are well-off usually make better choices than those who are poor and starving. Justine Kasule Lumumba, the National Resistance Movement- Secretary General, said that Kasamba was very active and they did not notice in time that he had a brain tumor.  

She said they have an uphill task ti look for someone who has Kasamba’s qualities to  identify, groom and support people. Lumumba noted that Kasamba capitalized on his humility, unity, genuine love for people and collaboration as special weapons to win people’s trust and to transform their lives including fellow legislators.  

Emmanuel Dombo, the Party Director of Communication, said that even after losing his hand during a motor accident, Kasamba remained hardworking and involved in different activities. He adds that he did not pity himself with one hand and his determination and hard work encouraged other PWDs to fight stigma and work for prosperity.  

Rt. Honorable Martin Ngoga, the EALA Speaker, said that Kasamba exhibited a spirit of a true Pan-African and they will miss his ideas towards East Africa’s economic development. He adds that he was such a cooperative and tireless politician in promoting unity among the EALA MPs.  

According to John Paul Mpalanyi, the newly Elected Kyotera County MP, Kasamba was a mentor and a political role model to many young politicians even within the opposition.   He adds that they will take his legacy further to transform communities and their electorates.  

Mathias Mpuuga, the Vice President -National Unity Platform, noted that Kasamba did not discriminate against opposition politicians which the majority them closer to him.   Mpuuga, also the Nyendo-Mukungwe Division MP, adds that he exhibited mature politics which is lacking in many members of the ruling party.  

Jude Muleke, the Buddu County Chief (Pokino), who represented the Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga, urged Kasamba’s family members to get involved in all the projects which he started.

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