UYD to UPDF , Stop diverting us from budget issues with your poster claims

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Uganda Young Democrats -UYD has demanded that the army reveals the places in which the alleged messages of disrupting the swearing ceremony of president Museveni are found.

The UPDF Spokesperson Flavia Byekwaso on April 26, 2021 told journalists that the security has learnt about a plan by some enemies of Uganda to disrupt the swearing-in ceremony of president Yoweri Museveni that is scheduled for May 12, 2021.

Byekwaso displayed several posters before the media that had messages indicating that the president will not be allowed to swear in.

She also went ahead and accused the political opposition of spreading hate speech with support from the foreigners.

Now UYD has dismissed the army’s claims on the posters, demanding for a detailed report saying that the army should stop diverting Ugandans from the major issues like the budget currently being discussed, and issues around the crude  oil pipeline construction due to start.

According to the UYD president Ismail Kirya, the army should stop at throwing threats to Ugandans but go ahead to account for the crimes committed against Ugandans during the 2021 elections.

Kirya indicates that with what is going on in the country’s security should be able to tell that Ugandans are still devastated with what happened in the elections and instead work towards clearing the matter.

During the 2020-2021 elections, security organs that included police and the army were accused to have arrested, abducted and also fired at people on grounds that they were interfering with the covid-19 guidelines by planning demonstrations and riots across the country.

Meanwhile several reports that were compiled by both the local and international election observers indicate that the electoral process was characterized with arrests, abductions and intimidation from the armed forces.

It’s on this ground that the UYD wants the army not to under estimate the election outcomes and focus on causing justice to many suffering families and friends that had their people killed, arrested and abducted during and after the elections.

However, the deputy UPDF spokesperson Deo Akiki, says that as security, they are not compelled to reveal all about their information especially that got from its intelligence.

He says that this was a general warning that should be considered by all those who had intentions of disrupting the ceremony to stop their plans or come ready for the outcomes.

UYD used the same platform to reveal their rather provocative plans of donating a yellow gown to president Museveni as a sign of sending him off, saying that they do not believe in his victory. 

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