Kampala is ready for a female deputy speaker – Nalwadda immaculate aka “chocho”

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Kampala is ready for a female deputy speaker – Nalwadda immaculate aka “chocho” . Whisper Eye News

Nalwadda Immaculate “chocho” The elected Woman Councillor for Nakawa, on National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket, is an epitome of resilience and hope to the women and youthful politicians raised and born to win.

The ghettos issues she wants to champion as the next deputy speaker for the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

She is a daughter to the Late Katusabe Kigongo Teopista who was allegedly poisoned in 2018 (for political reasons) and the big sister to the late “Ziggy wine” Alinda Micheal a Bobi wine supporter who was also allegedly kidnapped and later dumped in Mulago whose death was mysterious and controversial till to date.

Despite all these challenges and unfortunate incidents happening in her life she has stood high in fighting for a free Uganda and Women empowerment especially in the area of origin of Bukoto Mulimira Zone Nakawa Division, Kampala .

Her career started as a sports personality playing basketball and soccer who later developed interest in elective politics to emulate her grandfather Patrice who was a Muluka chief.

Due to her God-gifted talent, she was able to go through schools like Kalina Abili primary, Kitante Secondary, Crane High and later Kyambogo University under the talents student’s scholarship where she was also the first female games union chairperson at Kyambogo University guild council in 2012.

Now currently she pursuing a PhD in Health and Sports Science specialized in youth sports at Adelphi University in the USA but holds a Masters in Olympic Studies from the German Sports University Cologne and University of Barcelona (UAB) 2019 and a degree in computer science from Kyambogo University among other recognitions in leadership and sports as the recognition 2012 by USA state department under the section of sports united through International sports, where she was recommended for a US for basketball coaching exchange program at the University of Texas Tech and UCLA.

She is a fellow at the VV engage Vital voices in civic politics and leadership at Arizona state university and also under the Hillary Clinton foundation.

At the start of the people power movement, she was appointed as the people power youth coordinator for Kampala metropolitan where she resiliently worked with all other appointed youth leaders to recruit many young people that contested on the NUP ticket and in the just concluded 2021 general elections.

The people of Nakawa Division overwhelmingly voted her as their Women Lord Councilor but she is currently also a director at SCUTT foundation and the female youth councilor in Nakawa division urban council.

The last two years she has been the Gender chairperson in which positions Nalwadda Immaculate, has been able to initiate many projects for women and girl empowerment through sports such as the mental health sports program for the mentally ill patients at the national referral hospital Butabika and also her recent 2020 project of using sports to fight Gender-based violence amongst youth and young women and its through such programs that she would like to serve the people of Kampala as the next deputy speaker for Kampala capital city authority (KCCA).

She believes in a broad agenda of using sports as a unifying factor for different political groupings in Kampala, using games and sports as a lobbying tool to create educational opportunities to homeless children and also fight drug abuse amongst young people.

Also as a woman raised in Kampala suburbs, she believes in the creation of favorable working conditions for women street vendors and establishment of policies to curb the highhandedness of KCCA enforcement officers.

Finally, being a fellow of the Hillary Clinton foundation among other platforms she has shared, she is a well-traveled woman who has acquired the necessary experience, networks, and exposure to bring a new face to the city.

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