Odrek Rwabwogo is one of the many underrated figures in Uganda

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By Gerald Baganzi

Social media has been awash with propaganda/blackmail against the person of the first lady Mrs. Janet Museveni and Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo.

According to the peddlers of this blackmail, they claim that Mrs. Museveni and Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo own Mulago National Hospital and Case Clinic/Case Medical Centre and that they allegedly use these facilities to trade in human organs.

First , these ill-conceived individuals forget that Mulago National Referral Hospital is a government-owned facility therefore neither Mrs. Museveni nor Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo owns or run the facility.

Secondly Case Clinic or Case medical centre started as a small private practice by a group of doctors in the 90’s who were operating along Bombo road. As the clientele grew, they acquired land and built the now famous Case medical center along Buganda road.

This, therefore, clears the issues regarding ownership of the two facilities outlined in the propaganda.

Mr Odrek Rwabwogo has over time established a name as one of the most accomplished farmers (dairy/beef) with well-kept tax returns. He has also become famous for his philanthropy. He has mentored and lectured various groups of young people across the country about life and entrepreneurial skills and this could be one of the reasons why his haters are trying to taint his image.

It has become a habit for a certain group to malign all those they see as a threat to their plans and whoever they feel is close enough to the first family.

Mrs Janet Kataha Museveni on the other hand has been Uganda’s first lady and politician for over three decades now, she has always portrayed the mother figure image reason most Ugandans popularly refer to her as MAMA. She has served as a member of parliament, Minister for Karamoja, Minister of Education and sports where she has a tremendous track record. As a seasoned and well established politician and first lady trading in human organs would be last thing she would opt forgiven her stature.

The first family and those seen as close to them have been victims of propaganda and blackmail. This normally comes as we go through the political season or whenever the initiators of such blackmail and propaganda feel outshined or politically scared.

Am happy however that Ugandans have shunned/turned their backs against these propagandists. Whoever comes against any article or post on any social media platform with such propaganda treat it with all contempt it deserves. The individuals being accused are busy building a Uganda that will be better for us and grandchildren.

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