Bobi Wine showers praise to Kizza Besigye on his birthday ,

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Bobi Wine showers praise to Kizza Besigye on his birthday. Whisper Eye News.

Kyadondo East outgoing Member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine has joined Ugandans in celebrating the birthday of Uganda opposition leader Col Kizza Besigye.

Bobi Wine took to his famous 2 million Facebook followers to pour his message:

Dear Dr. Kizza Besigye, I want to send you the very best wishes on your 65th birthday. Thank you for remaining steadfast and resilient in the pursuit of our country’s freedom, even in the most difficult challenges. I thank you for showing us the way, and for preparing us for the kind of treatment we continue to receive from the dictatorship. Bobi Wine posted.

When we took this picture shortly after the 2016 election, you were under house arrest. We spoke so much about our country and how to put an end to the humiliation of our people. It is conversations with you, and several other leaders and comrades, that woke me up and gave me reason to stand up and fight for our people. I hope that like you, I can inspire many more people to rise up and join this cause for our country’s redemption. He added.

I know that this journey has been long and many times bumpy. But, Inshallah, it will end in victory. He continued to say.

He went on to ask God for a better life of Dr Kizza Besigye long enough to see a New Uganda.

At Whisper Eye we wish Kizza Besigye a happy 65th birthday.

Happy Birthday Kizza Besigye

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