Exclusive: Mukono District Engineer denies fault halting Tycoon Sudhir’s speke resort paradise island on Lake Victoria

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By Whisper Eye Investigative Bureau Unit

When one of the pseudo online prints appearing as a watchdog, a whistleblower reports that investors are frustrated by Mukono district physical planner Eng Herbert Lutwama to the Namanve investment for the last six months after allegedly full payment of UGX 7,265,000 in fees.

Whisper Eye reporter investigated this information and has established that the reporter Lawrence Kazooba failed miserably to cross-check his information and provide a balanced report thus falling in the pit of gutter journalism.

Whisper Eye has established that actually, it’s not a whistleblower but a renowned city tycoon Mr. Sudhir Ruparelia short coming proposal paln to contsruct what he has termed as Speke resort paradise island on Masuku island on Lake Victoria in Mukono distcrt.

Makusu Island was used by Idi Amin as a retreat, and he is said to have tortured hundreds of prisoners at the well located island . The island has several ruined buildings from the Amin era.

What really happened?

Whisper Eye has learnt that Meera Investments a company fully owned by Mr. Sudhir Ruparellia submitted plans for assessment on 10th November 2020 and an assessment with deferment notice was issued back on 2nd December 2020, a reply to the deferment dated 17th December was sent to the Mukono district however until to date the plans have never been adjusted.

Deferment meant that Tycoon Sudhir had to change the proposed design.

The Investor had indicated that he wanted to construct permanent structures in Lake Victoria which is unprofessional and a crime.

The serving district engineer is following the established guidelines under the physical planning authority laws, Nema Act, and the Constitution. It’s no wonder that one Herman Sentongo, the agent of the investor has chosen either not to inform his principal or feed him with a lot of lies calculated to create an environment where the investor will be made to part with more money.

Meera Investment letter acknowledging Deferment letter from the physical planner

Its common knowledge that Meera investments is owned by Sudhir Ruparelia a city tycoon.

There are still some Ugandans who cannot stand up to corruption and Eng Herbert Lutwama is among the credible uncorrupt officials that have stood a test of time in Mukono, our credible investigations state.

The proposed investment plan by Sudhir on Lake Victoria in Mukono

Whisper Eye has also established that Namanve industrial park is under Mukono municipality and therefore the district engineer cannot frustrate investment development as purported by the said article authored by Lawerence Kazooba.

Therefore mafias and their agents attacking whoever stands in their way of grabbing land and Lake Victoria must also be investigated as now Lake Victoria is at blick of being grabbed by only the white-collar class.

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