Busia RDC launches mission against illegal bar operations

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Illegal bar operators and their clients have started devising methods of evading the stealthy, solo operations being mounted by a Busia deputy resident district commissioner .

Close to a hundred people were on Friday night found by Mathew Tusubira, the deputy RDC at around 10:00Pm  boozing behind the closed door of Galaxy bar and lodge in Busia town.

But they all escaped arrest by jumping over the wall fence using a ladder that had been strategically placed by the bar operators. 

President Yoweri Museveni last year ordered the closure of bars as one of the measures to prevent the spread of corona virus which moves very fast from person to person contact. This week, the president reiterated his firm stand against reopening bars as long as the pandemic is still around and a critical number percentage of the population has not yet been vaccinated.

The ministry of health has currently registered in Uganda a total of 40,734 cases of corona virus,  those recovered are 15,147 and 334 having died.

After the President’s address, RDC Tusubira started the stealthy operations on Fridayon bars that continue operating ‘normally’ and hosting clients to drink.He says that was surprised to see suspects swiftly escaping by jumping over the wall as if they had rehearsed the moves beforehand.

Tusubira says that it it is clear the bar operators have come up with a method of using ladders to aid the escape from arrest by security operatives in the area.

He noted that the decision to move alone helps him to access the bars very fast and not giving those boozing chance to notice the presence of authority. When he enters a particular bar and finds people drinking, he immediately calls for police backup to come and make arrests.

He warned residents and bar operators against illegal practices that risk human life to contracting coronavirus and defying presidential directives.

One of the bar operators in Busia town who preferred anonymity says that they are operating bars because the situation has worsened and they want to sustain their families and also take back their children to school, like other Ugandans who run different businesses that government has allowed to operate.

Michael Waniaye, another bar operator at Sofia village says that they are struggling for survival, government should allow them operate as long as they  observe standard operating procedures.

Patrick Ouma Omungale, a resident of Busia says that conducting sole operation is a waste of time waste and the RDC is risking himself exposing his life to criminals. 

Gibson Mwalimo, says  they prefer boozing in group with colleagues than to sit at home to drink alone, that he doesn’t not enjoy boozing solo at home where he suffers interference by his children.


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