Buganda youth council distances self from protests over Kabaka’s health affairs, brands organisers as self seekers

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Buganda youth council distances from protests over Kabaka’s health affairs, brands organisers as self seekers. Whisper Eye News

Buganda Youth Council (BYC) has issued a statement distancing from a group of youths organising demonstrations tomorrow Monday, 19th April 2021, at Lubiri and Bulage.

BYC chairperson Ssejjengo Baker has intimated Whisper Eye that youth leaders in Buganda are not part of the alleged demonstrations as mobilisers are circulating messages on social media.

The statement in full:


Bulange Mmengo, We have received information regarding a group of unscrupulous and ill-intentioned
individuals under the guise of the youth in Buganda, spreading libelous posters and mobilising people,
most especially the youths on various social media platforms to participate in a planned violent uprising
tomorrow at Bulange, Mmengo.

We are reliably informed that these individuals are giving out money as
a way of swaying the Baganda into their ill agenda.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform the people of Buganda, Uganda and the world at large,
that the Youths leaders in Buganda do not have any such arrangement, and that those spreading the
hate speech are masqueraders and opportunists orchestrating to jeopardize the Kingdom’s
development agenda.

They have continuously acted in contempt of His Highness the Kabaka, making all
their undertakings treasonous.

The Baganda and the rest of the people know that Buganda Kingdom was built on known norms and
traditions that guide the way everything should be done.

This is reason for her superiority throughout

The norms of Buganda clearly expound on how the Baganda should behave in relation to
the Kabaka.

We therefore undoubtedly inform the whole of Buganda and the world, that Ssaabasajja Kabaka Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II is undeniably reigning on the throne of his ancestors, and the Katikkiro (Charles Peter Mayiga) clearly
informed the Kingdom and the rest of the world of the Kabaka’s health condition.

We call upon the people of Buganda mainly the youths to avoid being misled by a few individuals with a hidden agenda of destroying Buganda, with the help of innocent Baganda under the guise of helping the

We strongly implore the youths in your respective associations including Nkobazambogo, Ssuubi lya
Buganda, Baganda Nkerettanyi, Akeezimbira, Ggwanga Mujje, Buganda Bumu, Abagalagala, Kabaka
Mwennyango, among others and all the people in Buganda to distance yourselves from those attackers
and to further deliver this message to all people in your communities.

The perpetrators are hereby warned to desist from such sinister acts failure of which the we may be
compelled to resort to other available lawful avenues.

May God protect the Kabaka.


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