Full story: Top reason why Katikkiro Mayiga is fought by an invisible hand

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By Whisper Eye investigative bureau.

Why Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga is fought. Whisper Eye News

Since the beginning of this year 2021, a section of social media bloggers enhanced their attacks to Buganda premier (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga.

This section started attacking Katikkiro Mayiga in December 2020, put due to the political situation, their attacks were given little attention.

Katikkiro Mayiga’s statement during his tour in Buganda to encourage Coffee farmers locally known as ‘Emwanyi Terimba’ program when encouraged coffee farmers to harvest mature coffee was politicised which marked him safe from opposition social media bloggers.

When the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II appeared to the public during his recent Birthday celebrations in Mengo Palace, with health issues.

The section started attacking Katikkiro Mayiga directly on social media.

A few weeks ago, many people demanded to see Kabaka Mutebi in the public.

Our reliable source has intimated to us that there are four reasons why Katikkiro Mayiga is attacked.

First, an independent survey made in 2018 showed that Katikkiro Mayiga was seen as the best Muganda to take over government after president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Many people tried to convince him to contest for the presidential seat but he refused on arguments that he was still serving his boss (Kabaka) whom he treasures most.

Katikkiro Mayiga went even public to comment on the issue of standing as a presidential candidate, also he was clear that he is cleared by the law but denied at the time.

Many opposition leaders who are afraid of Katikkiro Mayiga’s U-turn to contest for Uganda’s presidency are fighting him before unavailing his candidature if he make a decision.

Secondary, there are a section of people who are fighting him in the struggle to take over his office.

The group is headed by a prominent lawyer and has been close to Mengo establishment for so long.

They have managed to aligned a political team which fight Katikkiro Mayiga’s presidential interest, to help them fight him mainly on social media to make him unpopular.

Thirdly, Katikkiro Mayiga is also fought by royal family members who were opposed to Kabaka Mutebi’s coronation as a King.

The source told Whisper Eye that some of them have started sharing family information to those fighting Katikkiro Mayiga.

When Katikkiro Mayiga was appointed, he was clear in his program among a number of issues strengthening the Kingdom and retaining Kabaka’s seat was top on the agenda.

He made it clear in his first year in office, and the group can’t be close to Katikkiro Mayiga.

Lastly, the loss of National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Buganda in the just concluded elections was largely blamed to two factors the Catholic church and Buganda.

When Katikkiro Mayiga made a statement asking coffee farmers to harvest mature coffee (Red in color) it was used as a campaign message in Buganda region by National Unity Platform (NUP).

Many NRM strategists are indirectly fighting Katikkiro Mayiga, whom they accuse of helping opposition in Buganda to defeat NRM.

In the same way, NRM is scared of a serious Catholic Muganda of Mayiga’s caliber to contest with President Museveni or his political successor given the current political vacuum.

The source further said that attacking Katikkiro Mayiga is a well masterminded plan to eliminate him for NRM’s safety in the future.


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