Opinion:Museveni, We need money but our lives are still more important – Akampa

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Well, most Ugandans could be experiencing challenges in as far as earning a living is concerned especially those of us whose businesses are still closed, from us the event managers, organizers, promoters, performing artists/musicians, bar owners to those working in these bars and on events like ushers, D-jays, waiters and waitresses, mistresses as well many more other categories of people.

It is hard to diversify to other ventures like his H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa suggests to us, simply because we lost huge sums of money in many different ways, some of us had booked with cash the venues, service providers and since then life has never and will never be the same soon.

Others had got heavy loans to invest in bar business, events equipments and other items that make events memorable, the loans have piled up!, we can not have any where to run to, we have lost some of our colleagues due to stress, psychological torture from the loan sharks!

Most of artists/musicians were earning from performing in bars, concert appearances and all these events are no more!

Now that these businesses continue to be closed, please we request that your Government plans to give COVID-19 relief support to these categories of people as soon as possible so as to be able to shock absorb the Corona lockdown and after effects.

People who are pushing for opening of bars, its not that they care more about money but because they have been pushed on the wall and your Government needs to listen to them and address our plight.

We do support you on the issue of maintaining the status quo on curfew because it is for our safety and the mandate of a head of state or even Government should be about protecting the lives of citizens which you have continuously done. KUDOs!

Please as well address our plight!

Eno ebintu Sibilungi na Katono!

Political Analyst

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