Kiira RPC Impersonator Arrested

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The Police in the Kiira region has arrested a 39- year old man for allegedly impersonating the Kiira Region Police Commander, Dauda Hiriga.

Gabriel Mukiibi, a resident of Wakitaka cell in Northern Division, Jinja City was arrested from his hideout in Wakitaka cell on Tuesday night.

It is alleged that, on several instances, Mukiibi would impersonate Hiriga and go to factories across the city, demanding got money to meet the funeral expenses of officers who lose relatives each month.

It is reported that such funds would range between 300,000-1,000,000 Shillings which prompted the factory owners to raise complaints before police authorities, claiming that, the monthly remittances were negatively impacting the smooth operations of some of the smaller factories whose businesses were badly affected by the covid19 lockdown.

Mukiibi is also accused of staging illegal roadblocks in the city suburbs to extort money from unsuspecting civilians who are found of violating curfew guidelines.

In his statement, Mukiibi confessed to having obtained money through false pretence and asked police authorities to forgive him.

Meanwhile, the Kiira Region Police Spokesperson, Abbey Ngako says that Mukiibi’s actions had created a bad image for the police leadership within the city and his arrest is a relief that will eventually redeem their reputation.

Ngako further reveals that Mukiibi is also a renowned counterfeit currency dealer and a fake land dealer, who has been on the police’s wanted list for the past eight months.

He adds that the suspect will face three counts of obtaining money through false pretence, dealing in fake currency, orchestrating illegal land transactions and impersonation.

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