Join Political Party to Fight Corruption- Mugisha Muntu

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The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has advised Ugandans to join political parties to fight corruption in the country.

He was meeting his party coordinators in Lira City on Monday to assess their performance in the just concluded general elections and lay strategies for the next elections. Taking into account Tanzania’s stance when it comes to fighting corruption, Muntu said Ugandan leaders ought to be ashamed.

“In Tanzania the corrupt were terrified and it didn’t matter whether they were politicians or business people, all of them were terrified and that is what is should be. In Uganda, the corrupt are the ones walking with pomp and arrogance while the honest ones are scared to death!” he said.

Adding that “The corrupt should be the ones who are scared in any country. Honest men and women should be the ones walking with their heads held high.”

Speaking about his countrywide trips, Muntu said they will not only help him to mobilize people to join ANT but will also help him to mobilize financial resources to fund their activities.

Patrick Ayena Okello, a resident of Lira district welcomed Muntu’s message on corruption and blamed it on the sitting government.

Beatrice Ayuru Ongora, the ANT Women league Chairperson in Oyam District is excited about the visit by their party president, saying it will help boost her mobilisation efforts.

The team is now in Acholi sub-region where a similar meeting will take place.

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