Bunyoro Kingdom on the death of Prince Philip

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Exactly 122 years after the capture and humiliaton of one of Africa’s celebrated heros by the British colonialists, his subjects, who this week also commemorate 98 years since his death, are in jubilations over the death of Prince Philp, a British Mornach, whose parents’ generation presided over murder and plunder of an industrious generation in Western Uganda,now rising from the cinders after large quantities of oils and gas were finally cleared for extraction, a distant breakoff from the colonialists directive that Bunyoro, a place to watch, be kept in limbo.

Praise is clearly visible in several social media groups, as the people of Bunyoro, who, it’s estimated were reduced to a mere 300,000 down from two million by Britain, cutting short a civilisation journey that rated to none in a combined present day Uganda,Tz, Kenya,Rwanda,Burundi. It fell short of being an empire, ahead of all others in miltary, technology and businesses, casscadding trading barter in the deserts of the Arab world via Gondokoro, plains of Kenya and rainforests of Zaire. A wonder it was.

Today, the day the death of the 99 year old ‘blood sucker’ was announced, is exactly the same morning of 1989, when Chwa Kabalega, the great King of Bunyoro was captured by the British alongside their Baganda collaborators in Kangai, today’s Dokolo district, region of Lango, arguably opening septic wounds of exploitation and a very long conflict-laden, tiresome journey full of impoverishment for The Pearl of Africa, with blood let spanning over 80 years that never would have been.

In the folds beneath, countless demands for reparations, once, on the sidelines of the 2007 Common wealth heads of Govt Meeting-Chogm hosted by Kampala, Philip, and his wife The Queen, admitted to exterminating Banyoro, pledging a significant fraction of the UKaid to Uganda fits the purpose. Well, Uganda says to Bunyoro, that the massive infrastructure lineup today is far more than the amount agreed on, but it remains a contentious issue every election time, risen by Bunyoro Kitara Reparations Agency, an indigenious activist team that has knocked at every door of justice up to contentental level,expecting to do a MaUmaU, a Kanyan pro-independence strugglists who beat Britain in courts of law on issues not different from Bunyoros, but to the look of things,they can only throw their hands in the air and seek for some natural intervention like happened to Philip today,nevermind the unsatisfying healing.

Abolished in 1966, revived after about three decades, Bunyoro Kingdom just like the others,was open to gaps,defeatism, self censorship and massive internal graft as they weren’t readied to regain massive properties largely in form of land, and indeed having squandered yet another opportunity, can return to their begging ways from the central government, for a former self it fixed itself into.

Jonathan Akweteireho

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