Headteacher hacks wife & four months baby to death in Lwengo

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The police in Lwengo district have arrested George William Tugume, 47, the deputy headteacher of Kaboyo Primary School, for killing his wife and a four-month-old baby.

It is said that Tugume, 47, hacked his wife Rose Katushabe 24, and the baby and dumped their amputated bodies in a pit latrine. Tugume and Katushabe had a longstanding dispute which local leaders and community members tried to address in vain. But residents were concerned when  Katushabe went missing for a week after a fight with her husband, yet her known mobile number was off.  

But after a thorough search, her decomposing body was eventually found in a pit latrine at their home in the Industrial zone in Lwengo Town Council. They alerted the Police Fire Brigade from Masaka which dug up the pit latrine with the aid of local residents to retrieve the bodies.

Antony Luwaga, the Lwengo sub-county councillor condemned the gruesome act saying that the local leaders took the matter lightly without knowing the outcome.  

Doreen Ankunda, the Lwengo District Education Officer, says that they had earlier wanted Tugume to be relieved of his duties because he had a mental disorder. However, she says that she referred the matter to the medical board for assessment and discontinuation, a process that was still underway.

Ankunda explains that Katushabe had earlier reported that Tugume had neglected her yet she was pregnant. But Ankunda advised Katushabe to give Tugume space since he had a mental problem which she declined.  According to Ankunda, Tugume had given Katushabe 200,000 to go to her parent’s home but she rejected it saying she wanted 500,00 Shillings. 

Peter Akampurira, the Lwengo District Police Commander, says that Tugume being detained at Mbiriizi police station while investigations continue to establish the cause.