Government Asked to Use Local Contractors for Implementing District Projects

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Local government leaders are asking government to start using local contractors in implementing district projects.

The leaders say many projects stall because the procured contractors by the centre are usually engaged in more than one contract at the same time, affecting both delivery time and quality of work. 

They add that the current guidelines also disempower local contractors from growing.

Richard Rwabuhinga the chairperson Kabarole District says local governments are stuck with project money on their accounts because government delays to pick its contractors.

He adds that the practice delays start-off of projects and at the end of the financial year, the money is withdrawn by the ministry of finance on account that local governments have failed to absorb it.

Rwabunga also shows concern that it is hard to monitor and administer authority over these contactors since they never participate in their selection.

The Napak LCV Chairperson, Joseph Lomonyang says it is disheartening to see that big projects are awarded to contractors from elsewhere yet there are numerous competent local contactors who can do the same job. 

He argues that local contractors would eventually reinvest the money in their communities unlike the current trend where the money is repatriated elsewhere. 

John Micheal Okurut the Paliisa District chairperson says many contractors picked from the centre usually have more than one contract creating delays in service delivery. 

He calls on government to empower local governments to pick contractors as long as they meet the job criteria’s.

Ronald Mutegeki the Bundibugyo District chair argues that local contractors present employment opportunities to the local population unlike government hired contractors who usually come with their labour force. 

Francis Kibuka, the district chairperson Mubende says there is urgent need to revise the system of decentralization. 

He says the current system gives people at national level  the power to dominate all the processes of government programs resulting into shoddy works.

The State minister for local government Jennifer Namuyangu says there is already a task team that is reviewing the performance of local government and the legal amends that are needed to empower local government to perform better.

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