Former cranes international Paul Mutakabala explains how the Cranes players receive their allowances

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Former cranes international and National team coordinator Paul Mutakabala explains how the Cranes players receive their allowances

This followed a runt by former cranes and TP Mazembe striker Sulaiman Mutyaba who claimed that FUFA President Eng Moses Magogo and other top officials have been eating the player’s money

According to Paul Mutakabala, FUFA does not pay players’ allowances immediately after a Cranes game is played. He says that when money is availed to the Federation from the government, then it deposited on each player’s bank account. And any player or official who’s ever been a part of the Uganda Cranes squad knows this only too well.

So it’s absurd for anyone to be quoting Burkina Faso or Malawi allowances here only days after those two games happened. Because they will be paid, just like the allowances for Burkina Faso Away, Malawi Home, South Sudan Home and Away were all paid to the players long ago.

Before the CHAN team departed Cameroon to return home after exiting the tournament, I personally made arrangements with the Finance Department back home for each player and official to be given transport facilitation of UGX:100,000 each to get home when they arrive in Kampala.

And as and when the funds are available, each person(players & officials) who were in Cameroon for the CHAN Tournament will be paid their entitled allowances direct to each one’s bank account. And that’s how it works. There’s no agreed arrangement anywhere that payments must be immediately after a Cranes match or Tournament.

Just like anyone who’s been in formal employment anywhere will know only too well that one earns a monthly salary, but at times, that salary may be late and not arrive on dot at the end of each month, but it eventually comes through.

And it’s important to note that players and officials on any national team duty across all the 9 national teams under #FUFA are paid what they’re entitled to(Allowances and Bonuses), through the bank. This was a system the current Federation introduced to many objections from some in the public including some players themselves.

But it helps in #Transparency and #Accountability.
If a player or official does not own a bank account, the first instruction is for such a person to open up an account or else they will not receive their monies.

Even for our Under-Age sides(Men & Women) the Federation always reaches out to our bankers to assist those young men and women, secure bank accounts. Mutakabala says

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