9 Small Boys Arrested for Smoking Opium in Gulu City

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Nine small boys have been arrested in a crackdown against opium smoking in Gulu City. 

The boys whose names cannot be shared because they are minors aged between 8 and 14 years, were picked up from industrial area behind a bar belonging to one only identified as Isaac.

Washington Okello, the Chairperson Youth league in industrial area, Bar-dege Layibi division of Gulu City says they were tipped off by locals in the area about the small boys who were smoking the drug in the open, at around 2pm yet they were underaged. 

Okello says that since the suspects were children, their homes were traced and they have been handed over to their parents. 

Okello blames poor parental guidance for the escalating crimes registered, and mostly committed by youth.

Walter Odong Wee-yoo, the chairperson of Community policing and crime prevention for  Bar-dege Layibi division says the operation which started a week ago will continue, following concerns from the community over increased crimes including theft, burglary and robberies.

   Odong identifies some of the hot spots as Layibi down-shop and Layibi go-down where the children and some youths commonly known as “Aguu” go drinking alcohol and smoking opium before carrying out attacks on unsuspecting people, mostly women. 

According to Odong, the children and youths take local alcohol commonly known as “mogo-amoga” which is very bitter, chew mairungi and smoke opium.

Recently, Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa region Police spokesperson said many people complain of being attacked by the street kids but none of them want to report and follow up the cases with Police and court. 

Okema appeals to the public to always tip the police about the dangerous street kids who have been causing insecurity in the region for a while now.