Bobi Wine will never be president of Uganda, says Ofwono Opondo

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Bobi Wine will never be President of Uganda. Ofwono Opondo

The govt spokesperson says he can even bet his head to be amputated if Kyagulanyi ever becomes president of Uganda.

Commonly known as OO says that Kyagulanyi lost it all when he decided to run his Presidential campaigns on lies and propaganda which in the end Ugandans discovered and later ignored him.

OO cited an example on how Kyagulanyi went to the streets to riot but no Ugandan followed him something which showed that Ugandans moved on and have no time for his lies.

“Last time he thought Ugandans would follow him to the streets to riot so that he can overthrow the government but he was heartbroken to see himself alone and a few other elements. ” OO adds

Mr OO adds that Kyagulanyi should learn to differentiate between Music fame and politics because these are two different things. OO also adds that Kyagulanyi mixed the two making him hit a dead end.

OO advised Kyagulanyi to know where his potential stops and and that he should stop embarking on projects which he knows cannot succeed.

“Kyagulanyi should know where his energies stop. He thought the NRM could be intimidated with his paper tiger lame tactics. He was taught a lesson and if he wants round 2, 2026 is not far.” OO stated.


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