It’s how it ended in tears – Aldrine Nsubunga

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It’s how it ended. In tears.

Let’s be clear – Uganda is ranked 15th, Malawi 32nd and South Sudan 47th on the continent in the latest CAF rankings.

It’s Malawi and South Sudan that have accounted for Uganda’s failure to qualify for 2022 AFCON. Both defeated Uganda 1-0 in Group B.

Farouk Miya has scored just 1 goal for Cranes since 2019. He has scored 8 goals for his Turkish club Konyaspor in 2 years. Emmanuel Okwi has scored just 2 goals for his Egyptian club Al Ittihad in 2 years.

Both led the front line in the game that was supposed to decide Uganda’s fate in the 2022 campaign.

Here in lies Uganda’s endemic problem. There are players who must play in the starting team no matter what their form or statistics suggest. The Cranes is not selected on the basis of current form. There seems to be an unwritten law that locally based players are not supposed to be in Cranes starting line up.

On form, 3 players from the U-21 ( Derreck Kakooza, Richard Basangwa and Asaba Ivan) could easily have stated a claim for a place in the senior Cranes team but that doesn’t happen in Uganda – they are too young and inexperienced !!!!!!

And then the arrogance of the players and team administration. I watched the game South Sudan vs Uganda at Nyayo stadium in Nairobi and it was perhaps the worst I had seen Cranes play in 3 years. The entire team approached the game like they were entitled to a win. The laziness and aparthy were too apparent, it was disgusting. That defeat has come back to haunt us.

Malawi beat us last night because they were better just like South Sudan were in Nairobi. On the field of play, in two games that really mattered and we should have won on account of our so called higher ranking, we were beaten hands down. How does one explain that? There was no fluke!

This is our new reality. We are not good enough. We are stuck to names not deserving players. Talents coming through are being frustrated with the uneducated excuse of ‘lack of experience’ The world over in modern football, the younger players have taken over at senior level.

These are just some of the reasons but they help to understand why we have ended with egg on our faces.

So the freshly re-designed Cranes; looking sharp and bright after the re-branding is actually old wine in new bottles. All for nothing.
Pride goes before a fall and arrogance is the single most important reason why the Cranes have fallen.

Question is, what has Uganda Cranes achieved to make them this arrogant?