“Kawempe North cannot be led by an illiterate.” Kidandala

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By Kiggundu Lineaker

“Kawempe North cannot be led by an illiterate.” Serwadda Sulaiman Kidandala supporters. Whisper Eye News

Things are turning from bad to worse for Hon Ssegirinya Muhammed commonly known as Mr Updates after his opponent Kidandala saying he can not give up on the case challenging Ssegirinya’s victory over his lack of proper academic papers.

Kidandala says that he cannot allow Kawempe North to be led by an illiterate who will have nothing to say when he reaches the floor of parliament.

“Kawempe is an urban area full of so many people with great minds. How can we be led by someone who didn’t go to school. They say an MP is the image of his constituents so we are saying that’s not our image.” He ,added

Kidandala went ahead to ask Court so as he can go to Kityala to serve Mr Ssegirinya with the letter summoning him to court over the same matters.

Ssegirinya is currently in Kityala prison till the 8th of April after he was arrested as he led a protest down town calling for the immediate release of NUP supporters who are being detained in the various government prisons.

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