Teaching After Briefing will be Considered as Malpractice -UNEB

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UNEB Executive Secretary Dan OdongoThe Uganda National Examinations Board has warned schools not be tempted to carry out teaching of primary seven learners after today’s briefing session.

The examination body says that after briefing, no classes should be carried out. This year, unlike before, learners have a one day gap before they start exams. Normally, briefing takes place on Friday and exams written the following week on Monday and Tuesday. However this year, the learners will sit their exams on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March. They have been given a rest day, Monday 29, March 2021.

Dan Odongo, the executive secretary of UNEB in a statement released today, did not direct that the learners stay home but cautioned schools against teaching them.

“Teaching or coaching of candidates after today’s briefing will also be regarded as a malpractice,” Odongo said. “Teachers are urged to desist from misleading the candidates with last minute coaching as this will lead them to lose focus.”

A total of 749,811 candidates are expected to sit for the examinations from 14,300 examination centres.  This number, according to the Uganda National Examinations Board, shows an increase of 54,000 candidates registered despite the COVID-19 pandemic that led to the closure of schools for more than five months.

53 percent representing 395,855 candidates are females while 47 percent( 353,957) are males. 58 of the candidates are from Upper Luzira Prison while 1,599 candidates have been categorised as special needs.

The examination which is being administered under the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures, will be conducted by 138 District Monitors, 10,911 Scouts, 9,862 Supervisors and 30,027 Invigilators. In addition to this, the exam body will also use security personnel especially in the transport of examinations.

Odongo warned candidates and schools against getting involved in any form of examination malpractice, saying this time round the consequences will be dire.

“The Board strongly warns all persons contemplating involvement in any form of examination malpractice that they will be dealt with harshly,” Odongo said.  “We are aware that there are people who have been vending question papers that they purport to be PLE papers. UNEB is working with the relevant security agencies to closely monitor their actions and the public is cautioned against dealing with such masqueraders.  The public is also warned against circulating such question papers either through social media or any other channel. Anyone found doing so will also be held culpable of aiding examinations malpractice.”

Odong also urged the candidates to remain calm, confident and to follow instructions as well as all health and safety Standard Operating Procedures.

For the first time, candidates will sit for examinations while wearing facial masks as a precaution to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.

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