Lubaga South MP–Elect Bribed Voters With Face Masks- Petition

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 Aloysius Mukasa, the MP-elect for Lubaga South Constituency in Kampala allegedly bribed voters to influence their electoral decision in the January 14, election. 

According to a petition filed in the Kampala High Court by Eugenia Nassolo, a former contestant in the race that attracted 14 other candidates said the people of Lubaga were denied an opportunity to freely elect their representative in parliament because of the use of money and other inducements. Nassolo who obtained 12,893 votes against Mukasa’s 49,501 votes now wants the court to declare her as the rightful winner of the election. 

She points out the distribution of branded masks, and water tanks with inscriptions ‘Mukasa for MP Rubaga South’ which was given to the voters on November 23, 2020, at Nateete Market and Ndeeba trading centre. He also distributed sugar, salt, soap, bunches of matooke, rice and cooking oil to voters in the parishes of Ndeeba, Nateete, Najjanankumbi, Kabowa and Lubaga as Christmas gifts.

Nassolo also accuses Mukasa of going against parliamentary Election regulations when he provided free ambulance services to constituents using two motor vehicles branded in his colours and pictures with inscriptions, ‘Lubaga South Mukasa Aloysius T G -Mission 2021. 

All these, she contends, influenced the voters to elect him. She adds that when the St Peter’s Church in Ndeeba was razed by court bailiffs, Mukasa, donated 300 bags of cement for its reconstruction. All this, Nassolo said, was aimed at bribing people to vote for him.  

Away from the bribery allegations, Nassolo also contends that Mukasa did not have the mandatory academic requirements to contest for the position of Member of Parliament. She says that Mukasa did not complete secondary education and does not, therefore, have either the Uganda Certificate of Education or the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, which is a prerequisite for contesting for the seat. 

According to his A-level certificate, Mukasa only registered one subject; Fine Art in which he obtained four points [C]. On both his UCE and UACE, the names differ from those that appear on his national identity card.  On both certificates, there is Mukasa Aloysius T G while on the National ID, there is Mukasa Aloysius Talton Gold. To Nassolo, this is evidence of forgery. The petition also alleges that when Mukasa tried to cure the anomalies in his names, he did it on September 28, 2020, when he swore a deed poll but way after the Electoral Commission had finished updating the voter register.   

“The 1st respondent gazetted his deed poll to change his name one year after the closure of the update of the voter register by the Electoral Commission. [Therefore] the 1st respondent was not a registered voter in Lubaga Division South or at all at the time of the elections of January 14 2021,” the petition reads.

Based on these anomalies, Nassolo’s petition argues that the results of the election were affected in a substantial manner which necessitates overturning the election.  The other contenders in the same race include Male Charles Kenneth [NRM], Kifampa Siraje Nsambu [Jeema], Kato Lubwama [independent], Ken Lukyamuzi  [CP], Samuel Lubega Mukaaku [SDP], Mugga Adam Swift [independent], Lufunya Derrick [Independent], Denis Mbidde [independent] Buwembo Habib [FDC], Kiyingi Denis [independent],  Kayemba Michael Oscar [independent], and Nakanwagi Grace [independent].

Mukasa is yet to file in court his response to the petition. It’s after this that the Principal Judge will allocate the file to a judge who will hear and determine the petition.       

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