Police arrests six men over Murder of 16-Year old boy in Apac

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The Police in Apac district is holding six suspects in connection with the murder of a 16-year old boy, Asuman Oyuru.

The suspects whose names have been concealed for fear of jeopardizing police investigations are accused of murdering Oyuru, a resident of Acenglyet Village in Ayeolyec parish, Akokoro Sub. The suspects allegedly waylaid and killed the teenager, in a fight over a girl.

It is alleged that Oyuru picked a quarrel with the six suspects over a girl while at a drinking joint in Acenglyet market, however on his way home, the deceased was reportedly attacked by yet to be identified assailants who stabbed him with a kitchen knife to death.

They severally stabbed Oyuru on the right chest, with a sharp knife, killing him instantly.

James Ekaju, the North Kyoga Region Police spokesperson says that when police were alerted and rushed to the crime scene, they managed to arrest the six suspects.

Ramadan Okok, the father of the deceased said his son left home and went to a nearby market but at around midnight, yet to be identified persons injured him with a knife killing him instantly.

However, Milly Akena, the LCI Chairperson of Acenglyet Village decries the escalating murder cases in her area.

In three months alone, four murder cases were recorded in Acenglyet Village alone.

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