It was right for Tamale Mirundi Jr to be beaten up because , “he is a nuisance” Basajjamivule

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“It was right for Tamale Mirundi Jr to be beaten up because he is a nuisance” Basajjamivule Official

Regime apologist Basajja Mivule has come out to say that Tamale Mirundi jr just like his father Mirundi senior are so disrespectful and thus it was right for Junior to be beaten up.

Mivule says that Mirundi jr had embarked on the strategy of abusing and insulting people because he wanted to make a name for himself.
“That young boy abused and insulted me on so many occasions. He also went ahead to insult and abuse the first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba . Who is he really!!!??” Mivule adds

Mivule also says that Mirundi snr is using fake propaganda to say that the CMI boss Gen Abel Kandiho was behind the beating of Mirundi jnr adding that the CMI boss has no time for such rubbish as he is focusing on the security and safety of this country.

Mivule adds that Mirundi jr may also have been beaten because his father is fond of using his mouth poorly by insulting people and thus some of those people might have poured the anger on his son.

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