Uninstalled Lights Delay Use of UGX25BN Moroto Main Market

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Moroto main market has continued lying idle even after its completion due to an  uninstalled solar lighting system and unfinished construction of a parking yard that has prevented the Municipal authorities from allowing traders to use the market. 

The construction of Moroto market commenced in 2018 and it was completed last year but since then the facility that has cost the government 25 billion shillings has remained idle due to unfinished installation of solar lights and parking yard.    

The  Market  was  constructed under the government’s Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement program (MATIP) with the funding from both government and  the Arab Bank of Economic Development in Africa (BADEA).

The new market  constructed by Ambitious Construction Limited has a capacity of accommodating up to  4,000 traders and it  comprises  shops, stalls, toilets, parking and rumps for easy access by people with disabilities (PWDs).

According to Mr. Hajji Sebaduke the town clerk for Moroto Municipality, there was no point allowing traders to enter and utilize the facility yet some parts are not yet completed.    

He said it is not yet known when the contractor will install the solar system and finishing up pavement for the parking yard in the facility since it was something which was added and it was not in the plan.   

“We can’t allow the traders to enter into the market when these things are not yet rectified because without these things it will look like the market is not finished,” he said.

Sarah Nakiru one of traders said she has kept on losing a lot produce to thieves who have made it daily stealing from her shop.  

“ I wish the Municipal council could allows the traders to enter the facility then those remaining parts can be finished when traders are inside, am one of those  making loses to thieves,” she said. 

According to Nakiru early last month, thieves broke into her mud and wattle shop and stole items worth 2million shillings which she said she has not recovered.  

Joseph Ngole another trader said they planning to refuse to pay daily tax to the council until they enter the new main market.  

“Why not allowing us to utilize the facility, and we use electricity which is already connected to the facility instead of frustrating us as if we are not Ugandans?” he asked.  

Moses Okalebo another trader said they might end up boycotting to use the market if the council continues blocking them from entering the facility just because of an uninstalled solar system and putting of pavements for park yard.

“Mr. Town Clerk, allows us utilize the facility so that our business are safe from thieves, we are the ones making losses not you people your money is safe in the bank,” he said.

But Hajji Sebaduke appealed the traders to be calm saying he has written to the ministry where the money for the market construction comes from for the help. 

“If the money used for the construction of the market was out of the tax collection from Moroto Municipal council, we would have allowed the people to enter but the problem is that it is the center to authorize the utilization of the market,” he said. 

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