Fik Fameica blames government for youth voice rise up, condemns rampant arrests

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Fik Fameica blames government for youth voice rise up, condemns rampant arrests. Whisper Eye News

Uganda’s top rap Fik Fameica has come out to condemn what he described has Ugandans arresting Ugandans.

Fik who boots of numerous rap Albums was upbeat at arrests ever since Bobi Wine a fellow singer turned politician.

He states: (Unfiltered)

It is our leaders who ignored and failed us not young people. Sadly, people you call violent are big inspirations to many Ugandans including some of you. We are one people just some forget that they are humans, the people who are kidnapped on daily are Ugandans, kidnappers are Ugandans can’t we just have Delete button on human rights violation? This is the only home for everyone. Stop abducting citizens.

Ugandans mwena mumanye bwetuli sibwetusanidde. Nabatono abasobola okusomako tebalina kyebakola, ela mumanye nti ffe abalina okusituka netweyogelera mu ngeli jetusobola. Bateseza baani abatasobola kwogera nti aba security bawamba ne bachunya abantu?

Why is it that any law that must end in favour of the people is not acceptable here?
We are not different from other young people around the world who have been calling for justice and respect for human rights!
Young people are always ready to listen but
this is what we are saying
#BringBackOurPeople and we are not breaking any law because the peaceful protests is constitutional on various law loopholes, See you when you see me 🦍🏴💕🇺🇬

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