Big Story: Uganda Cranes midfielder Khalid Aucho suspension linked to his Bobi Wine support

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Big Story: Uganda Cranes midfielder Khalid Aucho suspension linked to his Bobi Wine support

“It’s my right to support Bobi wine.” Aucho roars

As the Uganda Cranes are preparing for two vital AFCON Qualifiers against Burkina Faso and Malawi due next week, they will miss the services of super-efficient, hard-tackling, box to box midfielder, Khalid Aucho in the middle of the park after he was dismissed by the football governing body, FUFA for misconduct.

According to FUFA, Aucho refused to board the official means of transport organized to pick him from Entebbe International Airport to the team camp at Cranes Paradise Hotel-Kisasi.

Aucho has faulted FUFA for suspending him just less than five hours after landing in the country yet other players have spent 12, and even over 24 hours in Uganda without reporting to the camp.

“I reached at a half past 2, then I told the person they had sent to pick me that I was not feeling well and immediately needed to see a doctor to ascertain why my body was not functioning well,” Aucho narrated.

“I knew I had to go to camp, I mean, that’s why I traveled here in the first place, but I also needed to at least briefly see my family. I have to see my kids to bless me whenever I’m home because I take so much time away from them,” he added.

“I’ve accepted their decision and I’ll take it in good faith. I wish them good luck in the two games. But FUFA should also normalise respecting players because they’re the ones who sweat out there. You just can’t tarnish my hard earned name like that. I don’t think I’m indisciplined as they’re claiming,” he said.

“Even if it means never playing for the national team ever again, it’s okay with me because atleast I’ve served my country enough now and I can retire from international football knowing I stood for the truth,” he emphasised.

Aucho said that maybe he’s being witch-hunted for another reason, explaining for such a case that he’s not the most indisciplined player on the team.

“I had just spent 4 hours in the country and I’m punished severely? Yet some players have spent 12 and others over 48 hours but they haven’t been penalised or anything,” he stressed.

The politics of Aucho’s dismissal

Aucho’s woes on the National team stem from his political affiliation with NUP President Bobi Wine who got linked to the player through his football agent Kayemba Geofrey Solo a staunch NUP supporter and MP-elect for Bukomansimbi South. Aucho heavily sponsored Solo Kayemba’s campaigns financially to make sure that his soccer agent emerges victorious in the MP race. It is also rumored that Aucho went ahead to support other NUP activities by using his manager Solo Kayemba as a conduit.

Our internal links in the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) say that an investigation has already started to see how the crane’s star was spending his money on his accounts.

On many occasions, Aucho has been openly supporting Hon Kyagulanyi showing his love for the NUP leader using his social media platforms. When Kyagulanyi was arrested in Luuka, he openly called for his release and added that he is the people’s president and also that Kyagulanyi is the greatest inspiration for the young generation.

When Khalid wished Bobi Wine Well

On the matter, Aucho unapologetically stated that he has every right to support whoever he wants.

“Even if I openly supported Bobi Wine for the presidency, it’s my constitutional right. Like I can support any football club of my choice. It’s just a matter of choice. I still didn’t do anything wrong” Aucho insisted.

“I will go with what the federation has decided, I will go back to my club and work because it’s my job and it’s what pays me,”

“Maybe they’re mistreating me because they have got better players and now they don’t need my services anymore,” he added

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