Traders say Lwakhakha Border Market Works are Substandard

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Traders operating at Lwakhakha border, Lwakhakha town council in Namisindwa have asked government to terminate the contactor constructing Lwakhakha trans border market for allegedly doing substandard work. 

Peter Mandu, a trader at Lwakhakha border says that before construction works, the  ministry of trade took them at Rock hotel in Tororo municipality on the training about the design of the new market. He adds that the design had a police post, health center, playing field, school, parking yard and restaurants which are not there in the ongoing construction. 

Mandu claims that the work is not worth the one billion which the ministry released to construct their market because they see only space for lockups and stalls.

Shabani Talubin, also a trader adds that government should come in as early as now and stop the contractor. 

Sam Simiyu, the contractor says that traders at talking out of ignorance about what they agreed with the ministry of trade in the agreements.  Simiyu adds that he proposed to the ministry of trade to construct a big market and include space for police, health center, parking yard as traders among others as like other trans border markets like those of Busia and Malaba but the ministry turned him down by giving only 1.8 billion shillings which can’t do that type of work.

He also says that due to small amount of money the ministry allocated for the project, they agreed to construct only one building which will accommodate lockups and stalls which they are now doing.

The contractor advises the traders to take their complaint to the ministry of trade so that they can add money to build the kind of market that they want.