Uganda wake up before it’s too late – the Maize ban is a trap

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By Obedgiu Samuel

The “maize bill” is coming to help Museveni keep away ordinary Ugandans from exporting maize outside Uganda.

This Kenyan ban of Ugandan maize was a scheme engineered by Museveni with his contacts in within kenyan regulatory institutions to achieve domestic policy goals through a sort of disaster capitalism.

For some of you that don’t know what “disaster capitalism” is, it is a concept first introduced by Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein in the book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007)”.

In that book, she argues that some policies (as advocated by the economist Milton Friedman) have risen to prominence in some countries because of a deliberate strategy of “shock therapy”. This centers on the exploitation of national crises (disasters or upheavals) to establish controversial and questionable policies, while citizens are too distracted (emotionally and physically) to engage and develop an adequate response, and resist effectively. The book suggests that some man-made events, such as the Iraq War, were undertaken with the intention of pushing through such unpopular policies in their wake.

When Museveni, salim saley and muhoozi engineered this scheme of creating a maize ban they knew that the public would be up in arms against kenya for banning maize and rant about how dysfunctional the East African community, so that as a result, when they introduce licenses for a few people close to him, the public is distracted by the maize ban, to engage and develop an adequate response, and resist effectively.

Remember that today the National coffee bill was again reintroduced in Parliament. This bill aims to help a few people monopolize the coffee export, preferably those close to Museveni. Already as I speak, when the Kenyan Gov’t buys coffee from it’s farmers it offers them an equivalent of sh. 8000. However, the uganda govt offers farmers sh.3000. and the brokers of coffee take the rest

This national coffee bill has been followed by the Sugar bill, and now it’s very likely a Maize bill will be introduced. These bills don’t aim at making farmers lives better. The aim is to make sure that those who but those crops from the farmers are the few who will get the licences so that they export to markets outside Uganda. This isn’t new. When Museveni was told that UTODA, the taxi association was collecting 4 billion a week, he dismantled it. It’s literally no more.

Museveni deliberately killed local banks like Greenland bank, Tteffe bank, cooperative bank, UCB and effectively handed the banking sector over to foreigners with the help of his half brother Salim saley. Museveni has always been scared of organized groups of Ugandans that collect so much money that are not part of his family. That’s the kind of primitive man we have for a president.

Remember, the maize export trade was with sh. 4 trillion. Most the exporters were ordinary people. This was scaring Museveni. So he now engineered a crisis to justify the introduction of his new bill which will restrict exports of maize outside Uganda. But this won’t solve the problem. What we need is setting of standards for exporters by strengthening UNBS. Not licenses.

If Ugandans continue keeping quiet and being distracted by tribalism talk, within 7 years, majority of Uganda’s will end up being legislated out of things that generate livelihoods for them just to help a few people close to Museveni monopolize the Economy. The omuntu wa’wansi will suffer more with more taxes but less money.

As a write this article, Kenya has lifted the ban on maize but with a few restrictions. This was just drama made to achieve certain goals

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