Bobi Wine, Keep the dream alive, 2031 & beyond you might be in State House – AKAMPA Tanbull

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Whereas the whole country and the world seem to be concentrating on COVID-19 vaccines, who are to be vaccinated and who are not ready for the jab, lots of myths are still surrounding the who vaccination process but most especially the vaccines.

The majority of Ugandans are waiting for President Museveni to publicly get vaccinated in order to believe that vaccines are safe and are sure if he took one like today, the whole narrative will change the next day.
Kingdoms should also be seen taking the lead, as well politicians including the opposition brands like Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye of FDC, Hon Robert Kyaguranyi Ssentamu of NUP among others.

This week, Hon Robert Ssentamu came to Parliament being escorted by a number of Boda Boda riders who thought would enter Parliament with him only to be stopped at the gate and told to disperse immediately! This was his first time to come to Parliament months after the general elections in which he stood with Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for the number one office and lost with 9 other candidates. However, up to now, he seems not to get it in his mind that he lost this election to Mr. Yoweri Kaguta, either he knows and wants to keep on playing on his supporters’ minds or he wants to keep relevant.

When he stood on the floor of Parliament he clearly demonstrated to Ugandans that he was not aware of the business in Parliament, he requested that Parliament intervenes to have those who are politically imprisoned be unconditionally released and the speaker was calm enough to inform him that the issue was already submitted by Hon Ssemujju Nganda and already being handled by the human rights committee.

The guy (Bobi) can’t seize to amuse, he told Parliament that it could be his last time to talk in Parliament as a Member of Parliament and that the next time he comes to Parliament he will be addressing members of Parliament as head of State.

Whereas it is so good to have dreams and ambitions, I am afraid by 2026 NUP might not even be having half of the number they now have in Parliament that is if it will be lucky enough to still exist as a political party.

Whereas, Mr. Wine has really inspired many young Ugandans to believe in themselves and dream bigger, the reality of becoming the President of Uganda soon is like saying Uganda will travel to the moon in these 5 years. We can not have two Presidents within one small country Uganda, the current President-elect is H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.

I, therefore, encourage my brother Bobi Wine to concentrate on building NUP base of supporters so that around 2030 and beyond NUP is as strong as half of FDC.

By the way, he is still good at singing, we miss his concerts whether online or at his home, we shall still contribute to watch him live. Bobi, please come back to the music stage your music inspires more than your political rhetorics and poems.

Advise young people to keep alive, not to confront armed soldiers on streets as well as not to disrupt people’s businesses.

Let us keep the peace, the future for me and other young NUP supporters is brighter than the people they are trying to fight with stones and old car tyres on the streets.

If I were the one making the guestlist for Mr. Museveni’s swearing ceremony of May 2021, I would put your number 1 and even deliver your invitation card personally to all the media houses including your friends BBC and Aljazeera, but since I am not, me and you shall watch on TV as Mr. Museveni swears in as the President of Uganda 2021-2026.
Too bad! Though not too late to organize for the future! Who knows, by 2026 I and my friends might be part of you.

For God & my Country Uganda

AKAMPA Tanbull

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