NRM Leaders Beg New Wakiso RDC to Fight Land Grabbers

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NRM subcounty and division chairpersons in Wakiso have thrown a bash to celebrate the appointment of Justine Mbabazi as the new RDC and to thank President Yoweri Museveni for transferring people they described as land brokers away from their district.

The Wakiso NRM leaders decried the acts of land grabbing and police brutality in the district which they blame for the declining popularity of the ruling party.

The newly appointed RDC Justine Mbabazi for Wakiso says that in the two weeks she has so far spent in the same office she is overwhelmed by complaints related to land grabbing caused by the people she referred to as mafias.

She has condemns the acts of corruption exhibited by some leaders to oppress the locals whom they are expected to serve.

Mbabazi says that mafias have forged stamps and claimed that they are officers sent by the RDC but she stresses that her policy is not to delegate but rather to do work in person together with her deputies.

She has called upon the people of Wakiso to verify court documents regarding land evictions saying that without a signature from the office of the RDC such documents should not be honoured.

This was during a party organized by NRM sub county and division chairpersons in Wakiso district to welcome Mbabazi as the RDC replacing Rose Kirabira who was transferred to Masindi district in the recent reshuffle.Mbabazi was promoted to the office of Wakiso RDC after serving as deputy RDC in charge of Nansana and Kasangati for two years. 

Patrick Mugwanya the NRM chairperson for Gombe division in Nansana municipality thanked President Yoweri Museveni for transferring some of the officers he referred to as land brokers from Wakiso for, they had brought untold suffering to the locals.

Edson Mukalazi the LC3 chairperson for Wakiso town council challenged the new RDC to stop the security personnel from harassing the locals under the guise of implementing curfew guidelines.

Mukalazi who doubles as the NRM chairperson in Wakiso town council wants Mbabazi who is now the district security committee chairperson to ensure that security operatives do not behave inhumanly to avoid tarnishing the name of the leaders.

Mahabba Janat the NRM chairperson for Makindye Municipality asked the new RDC to intervene and ensure that the terms and conditions attached to emyooga are lessened to allow the intended beneficiaries access it. She also wonders why the NRM supporters are not given special consideration to benefit in programs like emyooga and youth livelihood when it is their party in government.

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