Nakasongola Road Remains Submerged For A Year

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Several residents plying between Nakasongola town council to Lwampanga Sub County are struggling to transport goods and services after rising water blocked the main road for a year.

Last year, water levels at Lake Kyoga rose to submerge shorelines, swamps, flood plains, roads, displacing thousands of people and other creatures.

Among the road cut off by the water is Sasira-Mwolwe-Kibuye –Munami -Lwampanga road which is estimated above 35 kilometres.

The road is used by residents to transport fish, cattle, maize, Cassava and the movement of people.

It is also a route that people use to access the ferry which usually docks at Zengebe landing site.

However, for close to a year, the road is impassable after water from Lake Kyoga blocked it.

Ismail Tabu a fisherman at Kibuye Landing Site says that residents have to use longer routes to access towns after waters blocked the main road.

Tabu says that currently, they need over 25,000 shillings on a motorcycle to move from Kibuye to Zengebe landing site a trip which used to cost less than 3000 shillings.

Ferdinand Denis Byalumbe another fisherman at Kibuye landing site says that the impassable road has also denied the residents good health services after blocking access to three health centres.

Byalumbe says that recently a woman gave birth on the road after failing to wade through the flooded road or use an alternative road to connect to the health centre in time.

Mariam Nabutaka the Female District Councillor for Lwampanga sub-county says that the impassable road has crippled trade between the areas and plunged residents into poverty.

Nabutaka adds that the matter was brought to the attention of the district but no action has been taken to work on the road to ease transport.

Sam Kigula the LCV Chairperson Nakasongola says that the road is under Uganda National Road Authority-UNRA, which is yet to get money to fix it.

However, Kigula says that UNRA has embarked on repairing alternative routes to ease the transport of goods and movement of people.

“The road is still flooded with water and UNRA needs a huge budget to fix it which is not available. I ask residents to use alternative routes till the water dries up in the road.” Kigula said.   

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