70-Year-Old Man In Trouble For Forcing his Children to Commit Incest

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Mityana police are holding an elderly man accused of forcing his children to commit incest to appease their family spirits. 

The suspect is Krizestom Ssebuuma, a resident of Jjungwe village of Nalyankanja parish in Bulera Sub County and father of ten children. 

The suspect shocked residents when he accused his 16-year old- daughter of declining to abide by the family norm to sleep with her brother just like her other sisters had done.

Ssebuuma contends that the family spirits ordered his children to have sexual intercourse to remove a curse brought by one of their aunties who had children with her brother. 

He explained that although his two elder daughters had sex with their brother as instructed by the spirits, the teenager declined to give in.  

He claims that his children have since failed to get marriage partners because of the family curse, adding that the problem can only be solved resolved through fulfilling the rituals as instructed by the spirits.

Saul Kabuuza, the area LC I Chairperson, says that the teenager approached him accusing her 70-year-old father Sebuuma of seducing her to sleep with her brother to appease the spirits, which could in turn gift the family with wealth, good health and successful marriages.

The teenager spent the night at the chairperson’s home pending the village committee meeting to decide Ssebuuma’s fate. 

Dan Kyeyune, the Chairperson Mityana District Traditional Healer’s Association has condemned the act, which he says is an abomination.  

Edward Katende, the Officer in charge of Bulera police station ordered the arrest of Ssebuuma and directed the village chairperson to hunt for his son.  

Section 149 (1) of the penal code act outlaws sexual relationships between blood relatives. Anybody found guilty of incest is liable to seven year’s imprisonment and if the other person is below 18-years-of age, the convict is liable to life imprisonment.

According to the same law, it is immaterial whether the other person consented to the sex or not.  

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