The Deceptive promise of free trade

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By Obedgiu Samuel

The Funny thing about the East African community is that it’s always in “trade wars”

I wonder what its relevance really is, without member states having shared values. It’s just a façade. Whether you are part of it or not doesn’t make any difference!! #EastAfrica

In Uganda, we have leaders who don’t use politics to safeguard the business and economic interests of the county. This explains why Uganda’s market has become a dumping ground for external products and Ugandans are always outcompeted out of their own Economy by foreigners

This problem could be addressed by enlightened administration and an accountable political system. However, the political side of the equation is reduced in ambition. The strategic objective of Museveni has been narrowed down to the maintenance of power while tactically this had come down to violence, bribery, gerrymandering, and bastardization.

While Kenya is putting non-tariff barriers on Ugandans goods, Museveni Gov’t prefers not to concentrate on that. Yet, we have many Kenyan banks operating freely without non-tariff barriers.

The East African Community common market protocol is useless. It has never helped us. Uganda should get back to the drawing board and ask why we are in this EAC thing in the first place

In August, this year, Tanzania cracked the whip on sugar imports from Uganda, claiming the sugar had been sneaked into Uganda from Kenya.

The Tanzanian government imposed a 25% import duty on Ugandan-made sugar, which the Ugandan government said was a violation of the Common Market Protocol and the EAC rules of origin.

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