Whether Hon Kadaga or Jacob Oulanya – NRM’s flag is still raised high – AKAMPA Tanbull

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Well, the media and some Ugandans seem to be getting more charged with who should be the speaker of the 11th Parliament.
Even when the public does not get the opportunity to vote or determine who the speaker and the deputy speaker of Parliament should be. This largely remains the issue of debate within the public domain.

Whereas a few members of Parliament have come out publicly to show their support between Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga and Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya as well behind curtain support for the deputy speaker’s position of which the candidates seem not yet clearly known to the public.

Rt Hon Kadaga and Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya are both strong NRM cadres who hold CEC positions with experience in legislation spanning more than 15 years and they have served Uganda diligently.

Even when it is not a requirement for one to be a Speaker, both still have a background in Law practices which makes it easier to manage plenary sessions and debates in the August house.

Given the fact that NRM has the majority MPs in Parliament of over 300 and when one combines support from opposition members in the house whoever wins will still keep the NRM flag high.

A clear indication that indeed NRM is still a mass party and we won a majority of almost all elected positions of leadership in Country Uganda during and after the January 14th general elections. Now, this is part of democracy, where people are free to elect their own leaders without fear or favor.

Even when rumor has it that one might opt for the position of Vice President, We await on members of Parliament to vote for the Speaker come May 2021, the choice and decision largely falls within their hands.

The NRM Government under President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa will continue to diligently serve Ugandans at all levels at all times.

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga and Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya, for us in NRM, we would like to wish you all the best. We believe and trust that whoever wins will keep the NRM flag higher.

For God and My Country Uganda

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political analyst

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