Corruption at National Water & Sewerage Corporation has created Water shortage in Uganda for the past 2 months

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By Obedgiu Samuel

Uganda has a fake mainstream media, they are not reporting the crisis at National water because they were compromised and corrupted. They are instead reporting diversionary stories that national water is suffering because people aren’t paying bills. That’s a wrong diversion!

National water & sewerage corporation if you have come up with a “water rationing” program, where you have to limit the freshwater supply to domestic & industrial areas during given times of the day/week, be open about it and stop hiding behind technicalities. Kindly!!

The current director of National water may have run down reserves he found of 9bn to 3bn. Reasons: need to bribe politicians, financing his wife’s parliamentary ambitions in Bushenyi, therefore also taking advantage of the massive rollout of piped water to rural areas; therefore also contributing to the general unsustainability of the same.

Nwsc suffers from the need to maintain a large foreign exchange (forex) positive balance because its most essential process inputs (esp. Chlorine ) must be imported. Forex fluctuations play havoc when the cash reserves generally are low.

What has been keeping them (National water) stable is a longer-standing subsidy from Germany under some kind of aid program, which might be pulling out.

Basically, they use dollars to deliver water to a market which, if it pays for the service, to begin with, does so in our shillings.

Then there is also general corruption and, the fact that certain well connected local suppliers ~e.g. Victoria motors for their endless car leases ~ MUST ALWAYS be paid first, on-demand, and in full.

If there is now a crisis at National water, it has been building off those factors since the time muhairwe was about to leave.

Ask yourself this question, Uganda has more freshwater bodies than Kenya, but fresh piped water is more expensive in Uganda than Kenya.

Corruption will be the end of this country

Strike Machine!

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