Ugandans to Brave for Warm Nights Ahead of Rainy Season – UNMA

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Ugandans should brave for more warm nights as the rainy season sets in.  A report from Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), says that the warm nights being experienced across the country could be all, but over by the end of next week.  

“Generally, the warm nights are expected to last 7 days and thereafter temperatures will begin to normalize,” Festus Luboyera, the Executive Director Uganda National Meteorological Authority said in a statement issued on Friday.

The Authority explains that the warm nights being experienced across the country notably around the Lake Victoria Basin are as a result of the transition from the dry season to the wet season characterized by cloudy nights.

UNMA clarifies that during the day, land and buildings absorb radiation from the sun, storing it and later release it in form of heat.

It says most parts of the country are experiencing cloudiness at night and these clouds trap outgoing the heat thus building up air temperatures at night.

Consequently, UMA has warned that the warm nights are contributing to a surge in mosquitoes due to favourable temperatures that are supporting their breeding.

Since the beginning of March, there has been a lot of warmth during the nights, causing sleepless nights to many Ugandans across the country.

To cope with the high temperatures at night, some Kampala residents have been taking baths more than once in the night.   

UNMA has advised people to sleep under mosquito nets to prevent malaria and ensure that the houses they sleep in are well ventilated to avoid suffocation.

According to UNMA, the night cloudiness is normally expected to transition into the wet season, this means crop farmers across should start preparing their gardens or plantations for the first planting season.

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