Criminals gangs rape Women as they turn bushy Kyanja piece of land safe heaven

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Criminal gangs in Kyanja, a Kampala city suburb have found safe haven in a thick bushy piece of land measuring about 7 acres in Walufumbe Zone along Kisasi-Kyanja Road. According to information from the residents, area leaders and Kyanja police, more than twenty people have been robbed, raped or killed in this area.

The land in question belongs to the family of the late Hannington Musoke, the father to Supreme Court judge, Elizabeth Kyisakye.   Residents fault the caretakers of the land for failure to clear the bush and fence it off despite their repeated complaints about criminal activities taking place there. The residents also claim to have reported complaints to police and Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA in vain. 

The crime in this area occurred on Thursday this week involving Rosemary Ngambeki Purity, a six-year-old girl, who was raped, killed and her body dumped in the bush. The minor went missing for two days before her body was recovered from the bushy land.

Her grandmother, 60-year old Zalwango Kyamulabi appealed to security with tears rolling down her cheeks to find the brutal killers of her grandchild and bring them to justice.

“I don’t know why I deserve this pain. My granddaughter child was killed in such a cruel way. I have lost everything, my only appeal to Museveni whom we recently voted and his government is to find these people killing our children, before they kill more people’s children and all of us,” Zalwango cried out.  

The area LC I Chairperson, Grace Kamoga told URN that the thick bush has been a killing spot for criminals over the last three years. According to Kamoga, they have made several complaints to police and the landowners to do something in vain. 

Ronald Mulindwa, the Walufumbe Zone Defense secretary, says that they receive several cases of robbery and rape of women by criminals hiding in the same bushy piece of land each week.  According to Mulindwa, during their search for the minor, they recovered a mattress, machetes, knives, clothes and sandbags from the same area.

Residents say they are worried about the safety of their children who pass the dangerous area on their way to school. They want government to allow them clear the land and use it for cultivation since the owners have failed to put it to good use.  

The caretaker of the land identified as David Musoke has not yet commented as he couldn’t be reached our reporter. His known mobile phone contacts were not available by the time of filing this story. 

The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire told URN that they have commenced investigations into the minor’s murder. He however, didn’t explain whether or not the police have taken note of the concerns of the residents.

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