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Please Help ! with genuine advice! – Whisper Eye (

Museveni was born in Rwanda. Grew up and started life in Uganda. Became a prominent figure in Uganda, built his family house there, married, and had several kids in Uganda!

Museveni gets mad with money, commits crimes that earn him several years behind bars at ICC, gets sick, Unfortunately, he is denied proper treatment, dies from an illness purportedly being transported to a hospital.

On arranging for the burial, Museveni’s mother says, “My favorite son will be buried in Rwanda where he was born”

Museveni bootylicious wife insists “My sweetheart husband has to be buried at his home (Mansion built in Uganda) because that’s where he has his family”

And then a war of words build up ……………………..

As an intellectual in such matters, where should Museveni remains be buried? Uganda or Rwanda?