Kidnaps serves the purpose of diverting people from demanding Bobi Wine victory

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By Obedgiu Samuel

This spate of kidnaps going on around the country are stage-manged and deliberately done by the Tubuhaburwa regime to put fear in the public not to rise up against the regime. Additionally, they also serve the purpose of diverting people like Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine from demanding for auditing the fraudulent election but instead demand people who have been deliberately kidnapped by the state.

Ask yourself this; once the media puts up any conversation Museveni doesn’t want he shits them down. However, with these kidnaps, he is happy that these images of old women crying that their children are kidnapped are put in the public domain.

If Museveni doesn’t want anything against his regime to be put out there in the media, he will raid it, shut it down or caution them. Do u remember that 88.8 CBS FM after the 2009 riots was shut down for 3 years for putting a narrative in the public Museveni didn’t want? The licence was withdrawn by UCC?

Do you remember that the daily monitor was raided when Museveni learnt that Tinyefinza (Sejusa) had shared a dossier with the monitor that mentioned the Muhoozi project? Do u remember the raids on the observer newspaper in Oct 2016 when, Computers, Documents Taken?

On Monday, May 23, 2011, Police stormed the offices of Ggwanga, a weekly Luganda newspaper, on suspicion that they were a distribution centre for leaflets and flyers inciting violence. The problem is Ugandans are a naive society, which explains Museveni uses the same script over and over again and rules Uganda for 40 years.

Arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, and detentions in ungazetted places have become something of a tradition in the country right now and willfully reported by the media without a reaction from the state against the media because Museveni wants it that way to sub-due the larger pubic against rioting and having a repeat of something akin to walk-to-work.

Museveni has tactfully put people like Bobi Wine in catch 22, where they have to emphasize the release of their people because they were diverted from mobilizing the public against a sham election.

For now, Museveni isn’t worrying about legitimacy, because he knows that he can rule Ugandans without it anyway. He is more concerned about diverting a popular uprising.

Ugandans should stop trusting the EU delegation to Uganda. Most of these guts were comprised by the regime. They act as intelligence gathers for him. They have a vested interest in Museveni’s life presidency. In 2001 Museveni used his army to evict over 5000 people from land in Mubende district to be given to a german coffee plantation owner (kaweri farm). Do you honestly think the European Union delegation with help citizens do away with a man who sold the entire Economy to them? No!

Enough said