A transition can only happen through elections not IPOD.” Hon Gen Elly Tumwine

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“A transition can only happen through elections not IPOD.” Hon. Gen Elly Tumwine

The security Minister has also commented on the recent IPOD summit. The 5 star General says that IPOD should not be an organization to over throw the will of the people by discussing a transition because its only Ugandans who are mandated to chose their leader and this happens every after 5 years.

Gen Tumwine adds that if the opposition thinks they want to use IPOD to overthrow the NRM government then they are wasting their time because it cannot happen.

“We went to the bush to fight those who thought could decide for Ugandans against their will. We cannot allow such to happen. It is only registered Ugandans who are 18 and above that are allowed by the constitution to elect their leaders not a Commission.” He adds

Tumwine however adds that it is good for political parties to sit and discuss issues concerning the country but they should be careful not to overthrow the will of the people.


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